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Cleaning and Disinfection Terminal

Multi-functional cleaning and disinfection mobile terminal, equipped with mobile trolley, Angle nozzle, high-pressure rotary nozzle, foam nozzle, long and short wand, gun, liquid medicine and compound siphon valve, etc.

The compound siphon valve sets high pressure water, cleaning agent and disinfectant foam in one body, convenient and quick connection, precise proportion of dispensing liquid, making cleaning and disinfection operation more simple and efficient.






Regulation Ratio


Flow Rate


Detergent   QTY



Method of Application

1.Quickly connect foam lance with spray gun on cleaning terminal

2.Push valve to blue foam position

3.After pulling the trigger, the foam cleaning operation can be started. The original imported liquid injection device in Germany can guarantee the exact proportion of the liquid mixture ratio

4.After the foam is soaked, the nozzle is replaced with a high-pressure water spray gun, then the valve can be pulled back to the middle position, and the high-pressure cleaning operation can be carried out.

5.After high pressure cleaning, wrench the wrench into the yellow part and remove the disinfectant.
6.Move the valve to the yellow position, and the disinfectant will kill all remaining microscopic organics.

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